Aug 20, 2009

Webcam Nights!!

We been webcam-ing quite frequently after his exam over last week. But not everyday la. See too much also sien.

On 17/08/09, 2a.m.

RISKED his life by letting the gang of 5 cats into his house. The risk is his grandma would awake anytime and walk out from her room or the cats might make noise.

And, it happened! His grandma walked out from her room. He quickly shoo them off to the back door. HahAhahA. It was funny.

It was only Bowie who was playing with, at the beginning.

Then, the other 2 came in too. And another 2 were hiding under the table. HaHA. There's one who always sneak out to look at Wayne. Soooo cuuuute!!!

On 20/08/09, 3a.m.

I requested for the "middle-finger-show' picture.
He acted so innocent. wth.

Then, he drew me a
LOUSY word. Because I'm sucks in the hand writing skill on MSN. His concentrating face. I thought he was going to write me another ugly words. HaHA.

But, NooooOoooo! He drew this.

Yes, he drew me "
His acted nooby face. He's making me in love with him even more. :)

Lastly, his handsome looking face. HahAHa.

2 stars*:

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

WTH man you two!! HHAHAHaHAah. I never flip my boyfriend wan lo. Actually I don't even curse when I'm with him. But he knows that I do when I'm with my friends. haHa.

_VeL_ said...

HahAhA. I cursed even when I'm with him. He doesn't mind, as long don't do it in front of his parents then it's okay. HahA. :)

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