Sep 2, 2009

Just wanna blog.

This blog seems like my personal diary now. I signed in and write whenever I thought of something or wanna say something. Like Wenni said, "you updates every second like that!". A little la. Update short and simple one ma.

Anyway, no class for 2 days!! Yay! Can rest at home. Very exhausted like that la.

Took my exam this morning, at 10a.m.. I was VERY VERY tired. But I slept quite early la, with my mask on. =.= I woke up at 9a.m., brushed teeth, lay on my bed again. HahA. Set alarm at 9.30a.m., then quickly get up and change. HahAhahaHA. Damn lazy la. Anyway, I did well for the test. :)

Then, finally gone through the 3 hours Capstone class. So boring. Was going to fall asleep. I think he debrief round 1 too much. Anyway, my group is ranking on 3th place. Out of 5 groups. HahA.

I miss..I miss..Forget it. Don't wanna make myself sad.

7 stars*:

-Littlenicky- said...

yeay i have no class for a week!

Cathy C said...

WAaa....leave your mask till next morning?your face going to dehydrate kao kao

_VeL_ said...

Good for you! :)

Of course I will take it off half way la. I can't sleep with the mask on my face for whole night la. How to hug my boaster? HahaHA

hy said...

2mr is my turn..10am got test =="

_VeL_ said...

All the best my dear!!
Remember to set alarm. HahahahAHha

ẄεŇиΐ임 said...

Eh..I messed up with my uncle's account..LOL!
Please delete the above comment..

Here's my say:
=.= Yah..I'm watching after u..
See when u will blog 4 entries in a day..haha!

_VeL_ said...

HahaHAhahA. I deleted it already la.

I think I can when I'm at home the whole day without assignments or homework. HAha.

Wenni, miss you so much la!!

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