Sep 25, 2009

Need a quick vote!

Am deciding which one is better to wear for tomorrow's river cruise night. The dress code is semi formal. This is the only 2 choices I have. Have to choose one. =)

Consider the cold weather at river side, might be 10c - 12c.

Option 1

Option 2

Imagine you can only choose from this 2, which one would you choose. Or NoOooo to both of this? Thanks for the help. =)

I know, my poses are so weird and boring. HahAHahAha.

7 stars*:

iriene said...

Option 1, maybe windy..dress will be a hassle...
All the best and enjoy yourself!
Do drop by at my blog when u r online. Btw, do click the ads if see it, thanks!

cheahwey said...

Why are you blurring out your face when it's already exposed in various parts of your blog ah?

不用 shy shy lah.. Hahahah.

and I agree, pants are better. Option 1!

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

1. I chose mine already! HAhAhA.

I actually have something like the second one back in PJ. But it doesn't fit me very well cause 我前面不够凸。

_VeL_ said...

Thanks!! =)

Deng, you wear jeans also? I'm still thinking. =S

kaeshiuh said...

我觉得 cheahwey 讲的话也是有道理, 为何要把自已那么sui zha boh 的脸盖掉.你"酱"美 就option 1 吧。不要option 2 lerr 免得病.

hy said...

Option 1 ^^

_VeL_ said...

Kae Shiuh, Hy:

Thanks for your opinion. =)
I had a great night!!

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