Oct 6, 2009

Soooo Cute!!

So cute!! The cat looks like Molly, except he's much larger in size. HAHAHA
Stupid puppy. Still wanna bite his ears after kena 'strangled'. Padan muka, kena strangle again. WuahahAhahHA. Obviously, they're so friend to each other. XD

The middle one looks like Cutie. Except bigger in size too. HAHAHA

It was posted on Facebook too. This is just simply the funniest. I think the cat wanted to pat the puppy's head la. HAHAHA.
Cats are so cute!! =)

3 stars*:

kenwooi said...

cute! =)


Cathy C said...

cats are not cute :(

cheahwey said...

Cats can be cute, but the general impression is that they're pretty snobbish/elitist. Just look at catwoman. Heh.

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