Jul 14, 2010

It's been a while...

...since I blogged. Time flies pretty fast. Classes are starting this week!

It's been a week plus since I got here. Life's pretty good, so far. He's been treating me like a princess. Sort of. Except a little bossy. I MUST remember to off the lights of the toilet! Hahaha.

Warms up my feet. Really comfy and soft. Love it a lot! ♥

This is part of the little toilet.
Thanks to the owners, with all the lovely decorations. ♥

Our comfy zone, where we watch TV, drama or hang out after our dinner.
That's the heater. Warmed up the whole house.

We cooked dinner almost every night. His smile is so cute. ♥

Our house's ceiling. =)

Pancake that he made in the morning. Add on some ice cream! Delicious!! ♥

First time had Hungry Jack too.
Ever since I've been in Aussie for almost 2 years. HahAHA

Lastly, I'm doing well. It's a right thing to do. See you guys soon!! ♥

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ken said...

life's good eh? =)

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