Apr 28, 2008

hardest thing ever :'(

MY period pain is back! shit, i hate this.

for not having this pain few months back, i was so glad. and now, it's back!

can't take this sometimes. :(

so, it was half way of my day. went to college for my 1st day of class after mid term break. and it turned out to be like this.

:. was in the finance class. then feel bit uncomfortable, bought my ready-pad, went to toilet.

:. in toilet. damn it! it's here. at the beginning, i didn't feel so pain YET.

:. went back to class. starting to ache. (can't even think a thing when asked to do a question in class)

:. finally, class ended. fast fast ran out from the room and called him. started to cried from no where. then i quickly walk back to my car and ate pain killer.

so basically, i went to college for this 1hour plus class and went home with a crying face. lol

god, i hate this.

after laying on the bed for 4hours with a hot pad on my stomach, yes, i fell asleep after crying. i got better. haha.

if not, i wouldn't be in front of my comp and typing all these.

however, this is seriously sucks.

i have to travel so far to college, and have to drove home all the way with pain. god knows how did i felt.


i guess i know why i had period pain this time.

just now, i watched The Manual Herbalist (i guess so) drama.

the guy said before period, shouldn't eat so much watermelon because it's cold base. and i ate dozen of it when i was at redang lor. no wonder. i think that's the reason why i was so in pain. and now a lil bit too.

p.s: he also said drink jasmine tea before period helps too. next time i shall try it out. lol

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