Apr 27, 2008

movie again

had another movie again.

we watched
Definitely, Maybe. quite a boring show. probably, i just didn't like it as much as i did before i watched it. what a crap. lol
the little girl is cute. yeah, she is.

so, 2 movies in 2 days~ tomorrow starting college already. again.

shit, haven't prepare anything or arrange my table yet.

have to see Finance terms, business stats formulas, econ techs formulas and I hate the most, International Marketing! AGAIN!

i should be happy cz i had a week holiday. and he has another one more week. what the.

btw, Vincci had this fashion show at Mid Valley.

their 'greennesh' stage

the models. some are real pretty. haha

many reporters at the front stage. *flash flash flash*

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