May 5, 2008

thoughts and decisions

just had 'dinner' with my parents, basically is a family gathering. with sisters and brother.

so, we had a long talk about all of us. which i think it work well on us so far.

:. firstly, was about my dad's attitude. so we 'changed' his thoughts. we asked him to smile when he wants to nag us. haha.

don't nag us with a 'black' face, which make us feel more 'willingly' to be nag by you. lol

:. and my youngest sister is changing school. she is probably quite unhappy with her school now, Kuen Cheng Girl School, which is now mix. stress with those homeworks, marks. i think private school isn't that good, cz they don't communicate in english. bad for future use.

so, we changing her to Assunta Girl School. haha. my eldest sis studied there before, which i think it's better. at least, you will be communicating with 4 languages, chinese, mandarin, english, malay. haha. great~!

:. and so on so on. bout my eldest sis, 2nd sis and brother. work, marriage, studies. short one. =)

:. lastly, me! they almost forgot bout me, probably im the less worrying one. haha.

finally, i decided to go Perth for my degree. my mom said don't think so much, just go for it. i was seriously thinking quite a lot. my parents even arrange everything for me, i think it wouldn't be a problem right?

my dad even joked bout it.

he said wanna go for 6months ar? i call the manager of curtin for special arrangement lar. haha

so, i will be registering myself soon. =S probably on June or July.

god~! i'm scared. =x

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