Mar 24, 2009

when i'm hungry, i cry.

seeing Benny, makes me think of my boy boy.

note: clarify first, i do not like him at all, that sense of like. we're friends that talk.

don't know why, i feel he has some similarities with Wayne. not personality, the habits.
probably just the car part. obviously, every guys like and talk about cars. it's just them.

it's so sad that we can't go through the Uni life together. sit at the grass, eat lunch together, enjoy the autumn weather, cuddle with each other. we'll gonna miss all this. :(

it just reminds me whenever i pass by the ground that everyone tends to lay there for a chat or lunch. yep, it's just too bad.

today i wanted to cry in the class, due to the hunger i can't stand of. it didn't happen for very long time. it was very terrible. i thought i can wait til the class over to have my brunch, so i didn't eat anything before i headed to the class.

obviously, i failed. so Benny and I quickly walked to Angazi Cafe to grab our food after class ended. gosh. the croissant tasted so delicious. and hot chocolate! HAhaHA

and, i also bought Blueberry muffin. nice la. :)

darling, i miss you. hope you didn't get shocked of the text i messaged you. it's been a long time that you have not experience of me crying over hunger already. HAhaHa

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