Aug 6, 2009

I lub you guys too!

Another birthday card slipped under my door. =.=
And it's from my buddies plus housemates, Teing and Hwey. How weird is that? HahA
I guess Asians are not used to express themselves. LOL

Promote Genting's pen some more. HahA

No idea why this picture keep turned out this way.
Anyway, awesome of what you wrote! HahA :)

Because I like cats I guess? XD

The message. I get it. :)

Thanks a lot for the wishes and greetings all. Although it's my first birthday spent in Ausie with some loneliness, but still I have 2 great friends beside me. :)

1 stars*:

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

You are so the welcomed! =) HAhA. I was so inspired that night.

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