Sep 22, 2009

Dark circle!

Been annoyed by the dark circles I have for very long. Actually, I didn't really realised I have dark circles, til I got here. =(

So, that day I was browsing the website and I bought this. I forgot how much does it cost. It was having a promotion. After I read the reviews, considered a while, I clicked 'buy now'.

But, obviously, it didn't have much effect. Maybe I didn't apply frequent enough. Sometimes, I was lazy. Went to bed straight. Anyway, I'll still continue using it. Better than waste lo.

A picture of the product.

I wanted to blur the background, but the Magic Wand didn't really work. Or, I don't really know how to use the Magic Wand. Hwey, how to use? Teach me, please. =)

2 stars*:

Deng said...

I ALSO GOT THIS!! Same la here. Didn't use according to 'schedule'.

_VeL_ said...

Don't know it works or not. HahA

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