Sep 22, 2009


Been thinking how will my life be in Brisbane, I thought of money issue. Then, I think of getting a part time job. Thinking which is the easiest job to earn side income. I went to googled. Trust me, I was really desperate.

I was thinking, probably I can learn to make money with my blog. Like Hwey and Teing. Seriously, make it like a blog that can earn me side income. I googled.

Came to this page, I read on. Okay, kinda interesting. Since the others are not mailing me any yet, probably I should give it a try too.

Paid reviews

I registered! I cannot deny that I'm really finding ways to increase my side income. Hoping I'll get to go through those hard days in Brisbane, without my dad's help.

If you're interested to make money with your blog too, consider about it. No harm of trying and giving yourself another option.

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e l d y said...

it is not easy to earn with blog .. especially by affiliate link .. good luck !!

_VeL_ said...

Thanks! Just trying it out. =)

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