Oct 25, 2009


This is why I'm brought it over. Can always remember what he have done for me. For me, he learnt to fold stars. This is one of the must-learn-tactics to 'lum' GF lah. I guess every girl sure fall for the stars wan. HAHAHA.

Some more, he said this bottle has more stars than the one I gave him. *sei zai*

Finally had a normal dinner today, although it's only fried rice. A week never had any rice. *yum gong* I really miss the smell of rice. Was watching "You're hired 2". In the show, keep showing 三菜一汤. Just a normal vege dish also look damn nice loh. Damn tempting weh. I miss Aunty's cooking so much le. LADIES FINGERS!! Steamed chicken!! *drooling*

I wanna faster go home!! *excited*

1 stars*:

cheahwey said...

I was thinking of going to Coles tmr after my class at 11.30am. You free then?

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