Oct 23, 2009

Wish granted.

The Econometrics Project's due date changed to next Friday instead of next Monday. WoOOooHoOooo. Excited! Can relax a bit and produce a better work. :)

Everything gets better now. I'm not so worry anymore. Love today!

One random thing happened. I left my MP3 player plugged in CPU when I left for the class. Gosh! I can't afford to lost anymore. This time, I only realised it when I reached home. How geng is that. I keep cursing all the way when I walked back to the lab.

*phew* Luckily it was still there. :)

But the weather was so hot and I was so hungry and I wanted to faint. Bought a Coke from vending machine after I took my MP3 player. *Chill*

Anyway, we did laundry today. It's been a week plus. So sunny today.
I start to like Winter. Although it's cold, but at least it feels nice. To me. I dislike Summer and mid of Spring now. So HOOOOT. The sun kills. *Imagine M'sia weather* HOT and POLLUTED AIR.

A view, taken from my room. Our cloths hanging there.
The tree blocked most of the view.

Am so happy and excited today. Watched lots of amazing, funny, gorgeous videos on FB just now. Laughed a lot. XD

I can't believe we have so little days left. I've made it! We've made it! Happy and reluctant at the same time. Only the fresh air that keep me wanting to stay. Hopefully, Brisbane will be a great place to stay too. :)

Anyway, I'm missing M'sia food already!! *saliva drolling*
What should I eat first when I get back? Many choices. Hehehehe.

2 stars*:

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Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Yes, I know. I can't believe it either.

19 days left.

And yes, I do like living overseas actually. Mostly the cool weather the feeling of living alone la. Makes you feel like you're taking care of yourself. For me la.

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