Feb 17, 2010

❤ Our 6th Anniversary ❤

On 9th Feb, 2005, we've tied the faith together. We been through lots of things together and solve every problem together. Everything you did for me, has gave me the confidence and trust that you're the only one who I can spend the rest of my life with. And, I believe in that deeply.

This anniversary, we were in a place where we do not know very well. Not like in M'sia, we could drive to anywhere we love and spend the night away. This year, we went to the river side to have a lovely night walk. =)

There's a walk path and bicycle lane beside the river. It's really windy at night. So cooling.

From the top view.
It's a restaurant above the water. Looks really nice.
Guess it's quite expensive la.

A close shot of the restaurant. Nice huh? =)

Missing him so much. ❤

The walk path and bicycle lane.
Looks quiet. But there was people walking alone. Probably it's safe. =)

Sign to City or Toowong for bicyclist.

A view of the city and the river. Heeeee.

The rest station, with water provided.


We've made till this far. Faith tied us together, and I believe there's more anniversaries to come. I ❤ U! =)

3 stars*:

kenwooi said...

congrats! all the best! =)


_VeL_ said...

Thanks!! =)

tidus86 said...

oh that's a fine dining restaurant so the price is roughly about 60-80 if you eat from main to dessert of course, but the food quality has dropped :P

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