Mar 9, 2010

Something I should remember.

Lately, there's nothing much for me to blog about. Literally, NOTHING. Maybe the life here is just too routine? Uni, City, bus, home. Basically, I've nothing much to do at all except study. Actually I have places to go and get something done, but I'm just too lazy.

Finally, I have something to talk about my day today. It just sucked badly. Basically, I have a class in the morning at 9am till 12pm and have 5 hours break till the next class starts. And, I kinda have to come out with some things every week for that 5 hours break. Semester just started, don't expect me to pile myself up with assignment. I mean, nothing has discussed on any of the assignments YET. So I'm still kinda free except doing weekly homework.

That's not just it. Uni's library should be the best place to hang out or spending time there online or whatever. But it's just too COLD. Wherever I sit, I just shiver. It's not like Curtin. I really love their library! Huge place and nice atmosphere at the laptop lounge, although many people talk there. But I love that place. I kinda miss it actually.

AND AND AND. Their PCs work freaking slow. I mean the starting. I was rushing to print notes. And, every person who log out from the PC, the PC will restart itself. Can you imagine how long does it takes? I counted. 13 minutes! I was LATE, for heaven sake. Then the startup page will pop out a page that tells you where to pay your fees and a Go - Green page. Don't know for what. There's no Express PCs like those in Curtin. People just log in and print stuffs or do whatever then log out and you can straight away log in with your account. Don't have to wait freaking 13 minutes. It's really inconvenient you know.

One freaking suck point is the whole Uni, so far, I only found 4 printers in the library. Other buildings do not have any printing service. How can it be?!! The blocks are quite far away from library lo. Thousands of students in your Uni, and that's all you have? And, it's at level 2, which is one floor below the entrance. Can you imagine the journey? You get to Uni, walk to library, go down to level 2, find a PC (which is hard), walk to printer and wait for 2 minutes. Lots of time wasted.

I don't mind do all the walking in the Uni, if the journey to the Uni is not FAR. Its location just sucks. It takes around 20 minutes to walk from the City to the Uni. Why is it so inconvenient?? Why? WHY?

Sigh. I don't know why I chose this freaking Uni. I can suppose have a good life back in M'sia. Have fun with my cats, drive around, gossip with my friends. I don't know am I suppose to regret. Apparently, there's no turning back. Maybe is the choice of Uni sucks.

I think I'm getting a printer soon. So much convenient. Gotta do some survey.

Anywaaaaaay, I haven't talk about the most suck part of my day yet. HAHAHAHA.

I took the wrong bus home! Which made me walked from the wrong stop back to my house, took around 20 minutes. I was desperate to go home. I was really tired. Then I mistaken bus 390 is bus 380. And, when I realised it, it was heading to another direction. Luckily it wasn't too far away. But I was kinda terrified because I haven't been to that place before. Thank goodness, I found my way home. I freaked out, wanted to cry. It was dark. I kept telling myself, not to cry. Worst case, just take a cab.

It reminded me, how alone am I. No one to turn to and no guts to call anyone but him. I knew he can't help but I just wanted to listen to his voice. When I finally reached home, I didn't hear the words that I wanted to listen from him. I guess he was too busy and didn't have the mood to comfort me either.

Sometimes I just feel I did all this to myself. No one to blame, no one should be blame.

3 stars*:

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