May 6, 2010

My ♥

Had a 30 minutes talk with my ♥. I been referring him as my ♥ these days. It just sound so sweet. HahAha. At least I feel so.

One more month. One more month... And we'll see each other again. =)

It was the first time I heard him laughed so happily. Keep teasing me. Told me some old stories. Suddenly wanted to find out one of his long lost friend, who is staying at P.J too. *sweat*

I miss his laughter. I miss the happiness we used to have together.


This is dedicated to someone called Ass Hole.

I don't know how much is our friendship meant to you. But I can tell you, I'm really disappointed in you. I think I can never forget this. If you think I stopped talking with you because we didn't see each other when I was back, you're wrong. So wrong.

Or probably I wasn't worth it at all. I'm thinking, it's really over.

So, live happily with your life. I'm sure you will do. It has nothing to do with me now.

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