Jun 3, 2010

Hunter Wellington Boots

When the winter is approaching, first thing that comes into my mind is boots. Next, is coats. If you're in a place like Tasmania or UK that snows, boots are really come in handy.

If you're a shoes-aholic, you'll look for different designs and lengths. And, here is something different.

Hunter Wellington Boots

Frankly, Hunter boots looks like the type that you'll wear to construction site. Seriously. It's thick and BLACK, for this one particularly. I assumed it's for unisex.

It can wear for all seasons, not only winter. It comes with a removal insole as well. The amusing part is it can improve your blood circulation. Not sure how amusing is that to you. *wink*

This one is definitely for the ladies. The fury part, obviously.

Hunter Ladies Clarendon Neo Short Wellington Boots

It's some sort of Mongolian style. But actually the whole thing is just rubber. Good thing is, it has multi - layer cushioned sponge insole that keep your foot comfortable.

If you're a fan of Hunter or considering to buy a pair of boots, check this out. It offers free WORLDWIDE shipping now.

2 stars*:

-Littlenicky- said...

buy UGG

_VeL_ said...

I'm not buying one. It's a paid post la.

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